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Image: Supporting Deaf students in Kabul

Supporting Deaf students in Kabul

For persons with disabilities in Afghanistan, life is much more difficult than for other children because they do not have enough schools and places where they can learn, play and do sports.

Prosjekt/ Wednesday, 23 July 2014

In Kabul, a city with a population of more than 5 million, there are only two schools for deaf. So most children with hearing impairment at home without access to education. This school is run by the Afghan National Association of the Deaf (ANAD) and has more than 500 students, both boys and girls from preschool to secondary school levels.

As most of the students come from income-poor families, the Norwegian Afghanistan committee (NAC) has decided to start supporting the school for the Deaf. Some of the support come from the staff of the NAC and others from the Friendship Schools in Norway. NAC started its support with providing medical checkup for students and yesterday NAC provided milk for one month and dates for Iftar and some stationary for the 50 children who are in most need of support. These few food items will help them to break their fast tonight with a smile and happiness together with their families.

“Shabana and Parwiz are sister and brother, both of them are Deaf but Parwiz also has physical impairment. Shabana is 13 years old and she is a student in 5th grade, while Parwiz is student in 10th grade. Their father passed away a few years ago and now their mother goes to other people’s houses to help with cleaning and washing clothes to earn money. They talked about some of the difficulties that they face in their daily life but today both of them were looking happy that they have enough milk for month and dates for the next few nights from NAC.”

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