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Image: Launching the NAC Integrated Rural Development Program in Faryab

Launching the NAC Integrated Rural Development Program in Faryab

The NAC is now on the ground in Faryab. Under the leadership of Behzad, our National Program Coordinator for Rural Development a team of NAC colleagues from Badakhshan, Ghazni and Kabul have been busy preparing for the launch of our programs in Faryab.

Aktuelt/ Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The first four staff members have been hired. The team and our new staff members reflects the diversity that is Afghanistan, with colleagues from different ethnic backgrounds, including Hazara, Pashtu, Tajik, Turkmen and Uzbek. The program was launched during an official meeting this morning between the Deputy Governor of Faryab and the NAC Country Director and National Program Coordinator.

Later in the morning meetings were conducted with the District Governor of Khaja Sabz Posh and the Head of the District Development Authority (DDA) in Shirin Tagab. NAC teams of agriculturalists, education activists, engineers, gardeners, health workers, social mobilizers and support staff are already in the field. Communities that are in need of support have been selected in close collaboration between the NAC, the provincial and district government and local community leaders. Interventions are planned and prepared based on the comprehensive Needs Assessment and Feasibility Study conducted in December 2013 and January 2014.The targeted communities in Faryab are eager to collaborate with the NAC and the needs for support are great. We are looking forward to build a close partnership with the people of Faryab, just as we have in Badakhshan and Ghazni in the past.


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