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Image: Friendship Schools: A special day

Friendship Schools: A special day

Schools in Norway and schools in Afghanistan have since 1998 partaken in NAC friendship school programme. NAC Friendship School program is a solidary program between children of Norway and Afghanistan. Last week girls in Badakhshan had a special day in School.

Prosjekt/ Wednesday, 05 November 2014

The aim of the program is to form friendship and encourage cultural understanding and respect for each other. In addition Norwegian school children raise money, which are earmarked for the children’s activities or for instance sports or playground equipment. 

Brittina Berg, NAC volunteer and responsible for Friendship School program visited the Friendship school Ganda Cheshma and Girls school nr. two in Badakhshan a province in far mountainous  north of Afghanistan. Both schools have profited from the program, and are better equipped than many schools in the area. Not to create tension between schools the money Norwegian children collect also are allocated to other schools NAC are supporting. 

However, only the Friendship Schools participate in the contact and cultural exchange through letters and child the lead activities. 

Ganda Cheshma, a small school, 414 students, located in Argo district, a rural community about 30 minutes from Faizabad. The children of Ganda Cheshma wanted a volleyball court, and through the FS program NAC was able to give them what they wanted. 

In Faizabad the “capital” of Badakhshan, Girl School number 2, a veteran Friendship School have received support from the money the Norwegian children are fundraising every year, for ex. 3 new classrooms and a library just to mention 2 things. 

Brittina, NAC volunteer, Mustafa, NAC communication officer, together with NAC education team in Badakhshan, Faqueer, Gul Jan and Gul Chin, conducted a child participatory workshop in both schools. 

The children were organized in groups of 6 children. After the children were well settled in their groups and assignments and instruction were given, the children immediately and with much enthusiasm started on their work. The NAC team had prepared distinctive assignments to the groups according to their age.  However the theme of the assignments evolved around family, everyday life at school and at home and hope and wishes for the future. The younger children had to draw an Afghan family. This created lots of discussion about what is a family.

The older children in addition to drawing wrote about local traditions, costumes and wishes for the future. The discussion went high, and they all wanted to have their story written down. 

For most of the children group work like this was something new. We encouraged the children to be active and participatory in the process. The children were encouraged to draw and write on big charts. There was no right or wrong solution to the assignment, so the children had to be very creative and sensitive toward each other ideas. 

During the workshop the teacher were instructed not to correct the children, but give them freedom to do the assignment as they wished. However the teachers were encourage facilitate when the children asked for help. 

After completing their group work all the results, charts, were put up on the wall in the classrooms. At the beginning of the group work, we had selected a group leader. During the workshop her responsibility was to encourage everybody to participate. Her final job was to present the groups result for the NAC team, teachers and their classmates. 

This was different school day for all the children. The children were happy and inspired to work with each other in this way. We could tell this by their faces, concentration and live chat in the room.

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