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Bilde: “Not a flower for women’s day, give them rights and freedom”

“Not a flower for women’s day, give them rights and freedom”

Women’s rights is at the very core of our vision: Norwegian Afghanistan Committee (NAC) shall contribute to an Afghanistan free of poverty where equality, democracy, human rights and respect serve as the bases for political action and development.

Aktuelt/ tirsdag 7. mars 2017

Title quote by Hanifa Mozaffari, our colleague from NAC’s office in Ghazni.  

Liv Kjølseth, General Secretary: "On this day, we celebrate our joint efforts to ensure women’s rights and gender equality. Still, we must acknowledge the struggle of our Afghan female colleagues, in particular. You are at the forefront of this struggle every day. Your work at NAC and your active participation in society contributes to breaking the glass ceiling and paving the way for the next generation. We acknowledge that your struggle is taking place on many arenas, also within our organization.  Although we are proud of the high number of female staff in our organization, we still need to do better in ensuring women’s opportunities to grow and take leading positions. I fully agree with Hanifa M: Not a flower for women’s day. Give us rights and freedom! The founding principle of NAC is Solidarity.  Today we stand shoulder by shoulder committed to end all gender discrimination!"

Bilde: “Not a flower for women’s day, give them rights and freedom” 
Foto: Halvard Hjermundrud

Raihan Rezaie: Women need to enjoy life as men do; they both are equal, fighting together for a better life. The least we as a society can do is to facilitate women participation in social activities to reach this goal. 

Yasin Hamdard: We all wish to work for strengthening women’s rights, by ending the cycle of daily violence, discrimination and slavery faced by women, and trying to support women and girls to be educated, to own property, to vote and to earn a fair and equal wage. We also stand for other rights that are vital for women’s equality. Working on girls’ and women’s education has a huge impact on empowerment of women’s rights. Education is the most crucial and a fundamental tool a society has to realize women’s rights. When you educate a girl, you educate a nation!

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