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Image: Board Members 2015/2016
 Photo: Liv Kjølseth
Photo: Liv Kjølseth

Board Members 2015/2016

The Board is the Norwegian Afghanistan Committee's highest decision-making entity, and is elected for a one-year period at the Annual Meeting. The current Board consists of the following members:

Anne Hertzberg, Chair of the Board

Gry Synnevåg, Deputy Chair of the Board and Project Committee Representative

Masooda Dustiyar, Women Committee Representative

Yahya Najafizada, Information Committee Representative

Solveig Sandalsnes, Bergen Committee Representative

Norun Grande, Board Member

Farid Ghiami, Board Member

Elisabet Palerud, Board Member

Sverre Hjelleseth, Board Member

Brittina Berg, Deputy Project Committee Representative

Terje Skaufjord, Deputy Information Committee Representative

Helge Liland, Deputy Bergen Committee Representative

Farshad Tami, Substitute Board Member

Norwegian Afghanistan Committee
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