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In accordance with the NAC statutes, the Annual General Meeting is the organisation’s highest decision-making authority for political, financial and organisational matters. Resolutions by the National Meeting are binding for all parts of the organisation. Each member has the right to speak, to make proposals and to vote at the Annual General Meeting.  The National Meeting also elects the Board, with powers of decision-making for matters related to daily operations. The working committees of NAC and the local committees are represented on the Board. The Board has a Chair, Vice Chair and three independent members. Initiatives can be proposed by any member based on justifiable community needs in Afghanistan or Norway. 

The Annual General Meeting approves the strategy, annual working plans and budgets of NAC. The Board is NAC’s organisational authority with powers of decision-making.


Norwegian Afghanistan Committee
Addresse:  Nawai Watt, Street # 03 •  Postal addresse:
work # 148 Shahr-i-Naw, KabulAfghanistan

Please donate to bank account 7877. 06. 53737 • Last modified 20.10.19
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