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Image: Afghanistan


Political history

Afghanistan has a long and proud history. The country was for centuries the centre of immense empires, leaving important historical monuments in many places. In recent years, however, international news from Afghanistan have been dominated by stories of war and poverty.

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Economy and trade 

The government in Kabul is struggling to get the country back on its feet economically, but has to cope with armed conflict, corruption, high crime rates and a weak state apparatus. The Afghan economy has shown signs of improvement after the fall of the Taliban in 2001, but this is overshadowed by the informal economy and aid dependency.

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Geography and climate

Afghanistan is made up of rugged mountainous terrain, with deep valleys and majestic mountains. In a country with a relatively dry climate and limited rainfall, the mountains are also the most important source of water.

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The culture of Afghanistan reflects its ancient roots and its geo-political nature as a crossroads for invading armies and a thoroughfare for traders. Afghans still imbibe international influences, although today they are mostly delivered by tv, radio and film, rather than by a caravan of camels. Returning refugees have also brought with them international influences in music, literature and other art forms. 

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Ethnic groups

Afghanistan has a wide variety of ethnic groups with each having different linguistic, religious and ethnic identities. The exact population and demography are unknown, since the country hasn't had a census since the 1970s. Estimates of the numbers of different ethnic groups therefore have to be taken with a grain of salt, as all figures are based on estimates. 

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High mountains and deep valleys have divided Afghans into many linguistic groups. However, most Afghans are at least bilingual, speaking both their native language and the lingua franca called Dari.

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