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Image: Contact NAC
 Photo: Elisabet Eikås
Photo: Elisabet Eikås

Contact NAC

Do you want to get in touch with NAC? Here you can find information about how to contact us:

Oslo Head Office

Secretary General 
Liv Kjølseth 
Phone: (00 47) 452 52 569

Visiting address:
The Oslo head office is in Kolstadgata 1, vis-à-vis Tøyen elementary school. 

Postal address:
Norwegian Afghanistan Committee 
Pb. 2883 Tøyen
0608 Oslo

Kabul Country Office

Country Director
Terje M. Watterdal
Phone:(0093)-(0) 790 698 231
Kabul, Afghanistan

Norwegian Afghanistan Committee
Addresse:  Nawai Watt, Street # 03 •  Postal addresse:
work # 148 Shahr-i-Naw, KabulAfghanistan

Please donate to bank account 7877. 06. 53737 • Last modified 20.10.19
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