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Image: Advocacy and information work

Advocacy and information work

In Norway, media coverage on Afghanistan has been waning for the past five years. Other places and other issues have captured the headlines. But we at NAC will not abandon our Afghan friends, and we won’t let the rest of Norway forget about Afghanistan either.

Informed national debate

We work from the theory that information and understanding leads to solidarity. In Norway, employees and volunteer members work to inform the population about Afghan conditions and to nudge Norwegian politicians to maintain a conscientious policy on Afghanistan. 

The most effective way to reach out to the public, is to work with and inform media, to help them write balanced and informed stories on Afghanistan. NAC writes op-eds, publishes thematic publications and information packages. NAC‘s web page and social media accounts are also key channels. 

Helping Afghan voices be heard

The best way to strengthen solidarity is to connect people with people. Therefore, NAC cooperates with Afghans in Norway to let their voice be heard, and brings Afghan experts to Norway to explain how current events are shaping the lives of their people. To this end, NAC has held courses on grassrots advocacy for young Afghans in Norway, in cooperation with the Nansen Centre for Peace and Dialogue. NAC also facilitates for Afghan authors to get relevant op-eds published in Norwegian media.

Keeping the pressure on politicians

NAC makes sure that Norwegian politicians are reminded of Norway’s responsibility for future development in Afghanistan. To that end, NAC keeps regular contact with politicians in key positions and officials working on Afghanistan. 

Raising public awareness

NAC hosts regular events that are open for all who are interested in Afghanistan. The flagship event is Afghanistan Week, a whole week of seminars, debates, documentary nights and cultural events focusing on Afghanistan. It has been held around the Afghan new year festivities (newrouz), in March 2014 and 2015. The next event is scheduled for September 2016. 

With a more informal and laid back ambiance, NAC regularly invites to Afghan tea, a series of more informal gatherings, where a shorter presentation is followed by a hearty conversation over several cups of sweet Afghan tea.

Teaching programmes for school children

Last but not least, school children are a key audience. NAC has produced teaching programmes for students of all ages, from the very beginning of elementary school and up through high school. In 2014, after the relief operation at Ab-i Barik, NAC expanded the collection with a teaching programme on landslides and natural hazards. 

Norwegian Afghanistan Committee
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