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Civil society contributes to development

A relatively new phenomenon in Afghanistan, civil society organisations are finding out how to best compliment the development initiatives of local government.

More capacity for organisations

NAC works with the Badakhshan Civil Society Forum to develop the capacities of local organisations. The Citizen’s Monitoring of Basic Services Delivery is a training programme for grassroots advocacy. It gives organisations a method to gather feedback on how satisfied communities are with services provided by NGOs and government, and to raise their voices in a constructive manner if expectations aren’t met.

NAC has also trained CSO staff in grassroots advocacy, project management, report writing and other necessary skills. The year’s work culminated in a gathering of civil society representatives from 33 organisations in Badakhshan to form a message for the international London Conference on Afghanistan, which took place in December 2014.

At the national level NAC partners with the Afghanistan Midwives’ Association (AMA) to improve their organisational and technical capacity. AMA is both the labour union of Afghan midwives and a central actor in building the capacity of midwives and spreading awareness on maternal health and safe births. 

A meetingplace on local governance

In 2014, NAC started the CSO Provincial Forum on Local Governance, bringing together local CSOs and key governance players such as Afghan Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) and UNDP. Together they discussed current laws and policies, and mapped out entry points for civil society and local government partnerships in local development. 

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