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Image: Creating opportunities for women
 Photo: Diane Saqeb, Kabul 2009
Photo: Diane Saqeb, Kabul 2009

Creating opportunities for women

Organising to collectively save, borrow and invest funds helps rural women build a business following vocational training. This helps them rise from extreme poverty and provide for their families.

Empowerment through self-help groups

With limited opportunities for women to work outside their homes in rural Afghanistan, widows and vulnerable women struggle to make a living. NAC helps these women form self-help groups to generate an income together and share the profits. In addition, NAC has helped women reach the market with their products.

Each group consists typically of 10-12 income-poor women. NAC provides them with an opportunity to learn vocational skills and engage in home-based micro-business enterprises. This may be baking, weaving carpets, sewing clothes, knitting sweaters or raising poultry. The women know the needs of their communities and have a good eye for business opportunities. For established groups, NAC conducted a one-day refresher training on business management and market access. NAC staff regularly visits the groups for motivation and coaching.

Not just an income: self-esteem and status 

An overwhelming majority of the self-help groups reports that the skills taught by NAC help them generate an income. But the results of this work go well beyond the tangible. 97% of the groups reported that the training has also strengthened the women ́s role in decision-making within the family. Many also indicate more self-esteem and that their opinion is more valued in their communities. 

Around half of the groups report that they have been approached by community members for help, that they have organised some activity in the village, or that women take part in the decision-making on community development. 

NAC’s support to civil society is a part of the Integrated Rural Development programme.

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