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Image: Civil society
 Photo: Elisabet Eikås
Photo: Elisabet Eikås

Civil society

Civil society in Afghanistan is growing and expanding at an impressive rate. Organisations working with everything from human rights advocacy to delivering aid to the poor are sprouting up.

Afghan civil society has boundless enthusiasm and energy, but it can benefit greatly from capacity building and mentoring. NAC has advised civil society organisations in Badakshan on organisational structure and given training on how to mobilise resources.

Women also need encouragement and support to participate in the society beyond their homes. In Afghanistan, particularly in rural areas, women are discouraged from participating actively in organisational life or working outside the home. This is particularly difficult for widows, or women who for other reasons must provide for their families. How can they do that if they cannot leave the house to earn a living? In order to give these vulnerable women opportunities within reach, NAC has established self-help groups where they can pool resources, provide a living for their families and even saving up money for an insecure future.

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