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Preventing disaster damage

Each year, much too many lives go lost in disasters that could be prevented. The correct infrastructure can prevent lives and livelihoods being lost, and even prevent the disaster from occurring altogether.

Infrastructure for prevention and preparedness

Badakhshan suffers a variety of natural disasters each year, floods, avalanches, landslides and rockfall, to name a few. Some are unavoidable but others can be prevented with the correct infrastructure. NAC helps communities build protection walls, dig water diversion canals, establish water sheds, or plant forest. Masons from 27 villages were trained to build earthquake-resistant houses. Most of the communities we work with are income-poor and have neither the knowledge nor the resources to do these things by themselves. But when NAC provides assistance, the villagers are eager to contribute with their time and work. 

Tackling summer droughts

Climate change studies in Afghanistan indicate that in 30 years, summer droughts will be the rule, rather than the exception. Some villages in Badakhshan are already bearing the brunt of this, as the creeks and rivers they rely on dry up in summer time. NAC helps these communities implement a community-based water usage and sharing system and trained them on social water management.

As pastoralists, these communities rely on rangelands and livestock for their livelihoods, which makes them extremely vulnerable to drought.
NAC did a study of the carrying capacity of more
than 2,500 jeribs (500 ha) of pastureland in Yawan district. The CDCs and community members got help to set up pasture committees to plan and control the grazing. 40 local leaders and staff from the department of agriculture were also trained on coping mechanisms for livestock production during drought seasons such as fodder banking and phased or regulated grazing of pasture areas. 

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