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Image: A better place to learn
 Photo: Farshad Tami - School construction in northern Afghanistan, 2008
Photo: Farshad Tami - School construction in northern Afghanistan, 2008

A better place to learn

What does it take to run a school? It means caring for children and adults, people and buildings. A school is simultaneously a solid and a soft frame around children's education. NAC helps communities make and maintain good schools.

Many Afghan schools do their teaching outside or in incomplete shelters, come rain or shine. NAC has assisted many communities construct or improve school buildings. But in the end, it is the parents and school staff who run the school. What NAC does is help them plan, organise and learn the skills they'll need.

New and improved school buildings

In the Afghan countryside, many schools have very modest buildings that do not provide an optimal learning environment. Some places don’t even have a school building. Classes are held outside or in tents.

NAC therefore assists rural communities build or renovate school buildings, to establish a solid frame around children’s education. After the completion, the responsibility for regular maintenance rests with the local school authorities, the school staff and the parents of school children. They need to have the right tools and knowledge to run the school effectively. NAC therefore includes the community development council and the parent-teacher association in every step of the renovation and building process, so that they know their school building from the inside out.

Equipping parents and teachers to run the school

In the long run, parents, teachers and the school administration will be co-responsible for running the school. NAC gives them training to help them along the way. Teachers and other school staff must be open for suggestions from the local community, and the parents should engage actively in everything from finance to school attendance.

The school staff also get their own training on the professional aspects of school management, and inclusive and child-friendly education. NAC’s trainings have resulted in local communities being more positive towards education and taking greater responsibility for their schools.

School should be fun!

The school day becomes much more fun when there is a playground in which to spend the play-break! Although it is still a slow movement, NAC has built a handful of playgrounds, mainly in Ghazni. In addition to the thousands of schoolchildren who enjoy playing there, tens of local men benefit from being employed in the construction.

NAC’s education activities are a part of the Integrated Rural Development programme.

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