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Education for all children

All children have the right to education, but unfortunately, many Afghan children never get the chance. NAC works hard to help schools and teachers accommodate children's needs and bring education to those who are left out.

Helping teachers accommodate children's needs

The Afghan curriculum for teacher education promotes inclusive and child-friendly education and schools that welcome all children. However, many teachers have not yet learned how to meet the needs of children, so many go without education. Children with disabilities, children from ethnic, religious and language minorities, first generation learners and children in difficult economic and social circumstances have little access to education. NAC has therefore conducted courses for teachers on how to provide a more inclusive and learning-friendly classroom environment for children.

Girl's education: awareness works!

NAC actively raises awareness of the advantages of education for girls. Many parents are not fundamentally opposed to sending their girls to school, but rather need reassurance of what awaits their girls there. Will they have female teachers? Are there sanitation facilities that provide privacy for girls? When assured that schools take care of children’s needs and give them opportunities that they cannot get at home, many parents are more than happy for their children, both girls and boys, to go to school. After NAC’s awareness campaigns, up to 60% of the girls who had been taken out of school are again attending classes. 

Bringing education to those who are left out

Many children live so far away from the nearest school, that the distance prevents them from getting an education. To help these children bridge the gap to their peers, NAC has brought education to some of the most remote areas of Afghanistan. Although they may have missed out for much too long, the accelerated learning method helps them make up for lost time. After completing the programme, most of the children are able to read, write and count. After another year of accelerated learning, children will be able to join age-appropriate classes in the nearest public schools.

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