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Improving education

By training teachers and helping the communities improve how the school is run, NAC enables the local people to provide their children with the best education available.

NAC helps the teachers and parents of school children run and improve schools, helps teachers improve their classes and, not least, works tirelessly to promote the universal right to education for all children. This is sustainable development with a lasting effect.

Better teaching

Training a teacher transforms the education of the school children he teaches, for as long as that teacher continues his work. Few approaches have a bigger effect for sustainable, quality education, based on the children's needs.

Many school teachers in rural Afghanistan have not had the chance to take specialised teacher education. When offered to enroll in NAC’s upgrading and reorientation courses, teachers therefore eagerly join. NAC conducts subject knowledge training courses on science, mathematics and language for teachers in Badakhshan, Faryab and Ghazni. Teachers also receive training in inclusive education and pedagogic lessons on how to plan their teaching, use local examples as well as child-centered and interactive methods. 

Parent-teacher associations

To make the local population able to maintain and run their school, NAC strengthens the committees where both parents and teachers are included. These committees receive training in every aspect of keeping the school running, from the maintenance of the school building to bookkeeping. When they feel included in this way, the attitude of the community becomes much more positive, and the running of the school becomes their project. In addition to the parent-teacher associations, NAC also trains the school principals and clerks on how best to run the school. The training for these staff members includes management principles and human resources.

NAC’s education activities are a part of the Integrated Rural Development programme.

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