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All NAC education activities aim to make rural communities able to provide children with the best education available and give adults opportunities to improve the lives of their families.

In most of the rural areas where NAC works, children already have access to education to some extent. NAC therefore aims to help the rural communities improve the education opportunities for their children. To make this happen, NAC gives training to the local teachers, helps the communities organise committees to better run their school and builds awareness of the importance of education.

Many schools in the Afghan countryside lack regular maintenance or are much too small for the number of local children. NAC helps the communities upgrade and renovate schools and provide safe drinking water for students and teachers.

Due to poverty and conflict, whole generations of adults have missed out on education. Learning a new skill through vocational training gives an adult a new opportunity in life. Knowing how to sew clothes, fix cars or mobile phones allows the person to provide a better life for his family. NAC also trains local Afghans to teach people from their community to read and write. But even rural Afghans who have had the opportunity to finish secondary education struggle to get into university because the education in the countryside is not comparable with that in the cities. Therefore, NAC provides specialised courses to prepare them for the standardised university entrance exam.

NAC’s education activities are a part of the Integrated Rural Development programme.

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