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Image: Friendship schools

Friendship schools

Exchanging letters, experiences, hopes and dreams, students at NAC’s friendship schools are building solidarity and learning about a world that exists far from their school, and yet so close. The funds raised by the Norwegian children make a huge difference for their friends, and have enabled the Afghan schools to expand and provide secondary education for even more children.

Cultural exchange and learning

The main goal of our friendship schools programme is for the children to engage in cultural exchange and learning. The pupils exchange letters, pictures, drawings and handicrafts. Experience and knowledge about each other’s country and culture are shared through parallel teaching programmes, like exchanging knowledge about how potatoes are grown in the two countries. 

Improving education in Afghanistan

NAC currently has three pairs of friendship schools. Vinderen school in Oslo is friends with Gul Dara school just outside Kabul, Krohnengen school in Bergen is friends with Girls no 2 school in Faizabad, Badakhshan and Sulitjelma school in northern Norway is friends with Ganda Chasma middle school, also located in Badakhshan. Two new friendship schools in Jaghori and Malistan districts in Ghazni are also ready to be paired with Norwegian schools.

The Norwegian schools raise money to make needed improvements in the friendship schools, repairing buildings, buying textbooks and equipment for teaching. It also makes the schoolday more fun. In 2014, the girls in Ganda Chasma middle school could select one sports facility that they would like to have at the school. A volleyball court! was their choice.

The funding means the world to the friendship schools and the students. Support from Krohnengen school in Bergen has meant that the Girls no 2 high school in Faizabad no longer has classes outside in the scorching sun. Not only that, but it has also been able to take in 300 more students, who are receiving secondary education thanks to their friends.

The Norwegian schools are so good at fundraising, that they are also able to support better education in other schools in Afghanistan, helping others than just their friends. 

NAC has also developed teaching packages for the Norwegian schools. These cover topics such as Afghan history, culture, religion, and the humanitarian situation.

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