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Image: Infrastructure for health

Infrastructure for health

Providing safe drinking water improves the general health of everyone and allows children to go to school. The local people get the knowledge and tools to maintain the facilities.

Many of the people NAC works with have to walk far to fetch water, often from unprotected and polluted water sources. Waterborne diseases are rife. Children are often the ones to fetch water, which means that the most vulnerable are also the most exposed. 

Safe drinking water

NAC has provided safe drinking water for schools in Ghazni and Badakhshan through small water storages or water wells equipped with hand pumps. Each water installation benefits hundreds of students, both girls and boys. Access to safe drinking water has significantly reduced absences due to waterborne diseases or dehydration in both students and staff.

Women and children benefit the most from improved water sources, as they are usually responsible for fetching water for the household in rural Afghanistan. Unclean sources of water make them more exposed to outbreaks of waterborne diseases. Freeing them from the arduous chore of fetching water also means that more children, and girls in particular, get to spend their days on a school bench. 

Latrine construction

Many areas in the Afghan countryside don’t have any effective systems for depositing human waste. In communities and schools where facilities are lacking, people either use unprotected latrines or open spaces for defecation, which greatly increases the risk of both viral and bacterial diseases, particularly if excrements get into drinking water. To reduce the risk, NAC has built latrines in schools and in many communities. Women and girls are particularly grateful for the privacy of latrines.

NAC’s activities on infrastructure for health are a part of the Integrated Rural Development programme. 

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