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Education for midwives and nurses is a cornerstone of NAC’s work in the health sector. The number of midwives in Afghanistan has increased sevenfold since 2001, from 500 to 3500. 10% of these are alumni of NAC’s midwifery schools in Nangarhar and Wardak. Activities to promote health in rural communities are also a key component of the Integrated Rural Development programme.

In 2000, maternal mortality in Afghanistan was among the highest in the world. Although it is still frightfully high, it has been halved in a mere decade. The improved prospects for Afghan mothers are largely due to the untiring and unselfish work of Afghan midwives, who brave insecurity and challenge traditional women’s roles to deliver help to women in need. NAC educates midwives for work in both hospitals and rural communities and has recently started an education for community nurses as well.

In rural communities in Ghazni and Badakshan, NAC supports various activities to promote health in the communities. Most importantly, NAC increases the knowledge on nutrition, hygiene, vaccination and other health issues in local communities. To anchor the knowledge locally, NAC trains both school teachers and local women to educate their communities on good sanitary principles such as hand washing and the correct response to common diseases. Infrastructure such as water wells and sanitation installations, reduce the chances of people contracting common waterborne diseases.

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