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Image: The multiple benefits of irrigation
 Photo: Elisabet Eikås
Photo: Elisabet Eikås

The multiple benefits of irrigation

Water is both a necessary resource and a potential hazard. Irrigation systems make agriculture possible where it wasn’t before, reduce the risk of mudslides and can also improve the access to clean water in the village.

NAC has been implementing a variety of environmental programs since 1993. Many of them have been related to social forestry and have included demonstration farms, watersheds and plant nurseries. These infrastructure projects promote and enable reforestation and increase farmers’ capacity to provide for their families.

Irrigation for agriculture and natural resource management

NAC provides advice and training to assist farmers and communities in renewing, improving or maintaining irrigation facilities and water management. Not only does this make agriculture possible where it wasn’t before and reduces the risk of mudslides, but can also improve the access to clean water for homes in the village.

Severe and sustained droughts have been more common in recent years. This has brought difficulties both for the cultivation of crops and handling livestock. Land and water-related conflicts have long been common and are a growing problem. NAC therefore conducts conflict analysis while working with water and land resources.

Sustainability in infrastructure projects

Sustainability is a key word in all NAC projects, not least when it comes to infrastructure. All NAC infrastructure projects are built from local materials with local labour. Not only does this mean that the local population can repair and maintain their own installations, but they will also be able to help neighbouring communities with similar projects. In some cases, NAC helps communities organise themselves to take care of their own infrastructure, e.g. a parent-teacher association will maintain and run a local school. In other cases infrastructure is handed over to Afghan government organs.

NAC’s activities on natural resource management are a part of the Integrated Rural Development programme.

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