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Image: Natural resource management

Natural resource management

The side effects of good natural resource management produce results in other fields as well. The sustainable management of pastures contributes to food security. Reforestation and water management can greatly reduce the risk of natural hazards.

Improving food security means giving people access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food, either by improving the food sources that exist already or by introducing new methods of attaining food. NAC does both. Communities receive help to maintain and regulate pastures and rangelands. These are essential for domestic animals, but are frequently overgrazed. Good maintenance ensures that future generations will be able to keep animals grazing. NAC trains farmers on the best techniques to grow crops they already know, such as wheat and potatoes, but also gives rural communities advice and seeds to plant kitchen gardens with both familiar and new vegetable species.

Photo taken by NAC members in Afghanistan of car caught in a flood.Natural disasters are frequent in Afghanistan, particularly in the mountain regions. Mountainsides that are clad with forest are less prone to disasters such as floods, mudslides or avalanches. Unfortunately, the forest has been decimated in many places, to break new pastures for livestock or for other reasons. This increases the risk of disasters in rural communities. NAC’s reforestation program aims to help people plant trees in their environs to reduce the risk but also make communities aware of the risks of deforestation.

Managing the flow of water down mountainsides is another key factor for disaster risk reduction. Irrigation and water management systems can both reduce the risk of floods and mudslides and make water available for cultivation, - which again supports food security.

NAC’s activities on natural resource management are a part of the Integrated Rural Development programme.

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