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Our Work

What is Integrated Rural Development?

Integrated Rural Development is a programme concept that covers the majority of NAC’s activities. It means that we assist rural communities in achieving sustainable improvements in living conditions in all aspects of daily life. Here’s what we do and why we do it.

Read more about Integrated Rural Development here.


All NAC education activities aim to make rural communities able to provide children with the best education available and give adults opportunities to improve the lives of their families.

Read more about Education here.


Education for midwives and nurses is a cornerstone of NAC’s work in the health sector. The number of midwives in Afghanistan has increased sevenfold since 2001, from 500 to 3500. 10% of these are alumni of NAC’s midwifery schools in Nangarhar and Wardak. Activities to promote health in rural communities are also a key component of the Integrated Rural Development programme. 

Read more about Health here.

Natural resource management

The side effects of good natural resource management produce results in other fields as well. The sustainable management of pastures contributes to food security. Reforestation and water management can greatly reduce the risk of natural hazards.  

Read more about Natural Resource Management here.

Civil society

Civil society in Afghanistan is growing and expanding at an impressive rate. Organisations working with everything from human rights advocacy to delivering aid to the poor are sprouting up. 

Read more about Civil Society in Afghanistan here.

Disaster risk reduction

The mountainous Badakshan province is particularly prone to natural hazards, such as earthquakes, flash floods, drought, landslides and avalanches. 

Read more about Disaster Risk Reduction here.

Friendship schools

Through the friendship school program Norwegian and Afghan school children engage in cultural exchanges and learning. 

Read more about Friendship Schools here.

Advocacy and information work

Most of NAC’s information work and advocacy targets Norwegian audiences, both decision-makers and the general public. 

Voluntary work in Norway

Norwegian Afghanistan Committee
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